Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Little Pirates

I babysit my niece and nephew quite a bit and I try to come up with fun and creative things to do with them.  They love the show Jake and the Neverland Pirates and absolutely loved the pirate weekend at the Renaissance Faire. After watching this video on You Tube, I got an idea, a pirate treasure hunt!
So, after finding the loot around the house, yes, they love pirates so much, they already had fake gold doubloons and my niece has plenty of dress up jewelry. 

So, I loaded up the treasure chest and the kids and drove them to the lake.  I then hid the treasure, making sure to mark the buried goods with sticks and stones. I laid out some of the things to save time, they were starting to peek, and then set them loose.

It was so much fun! After they found everything, they hid the treasures and had me find them. We just might do it again some time.

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