Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Moses at Sight and Sound

A few days ago, I got to see the newest play at Sight and Sound Theaters in PA.  The much anticipated play was Moses.  What I love about their plays is their ability to stay true to the Biblical story while adding just enough to allow even the audience, whether they know the Bible or not to personally identify with the characters.  Of course the gorgeous sets, costumes, music, and animals are wonderful to see as well.
As with all the plays, their are little things that stand out. For instance, I never made the connection of how hard it must have been for Mose to go from being an Egyptian noble to a shepherd. I'm not just talking about the work and poverty, I'm talking about the cultural hatred ancient Egyptians had toward shepherds due to an invasion of a shepherding people years in Egypt's past.
Another amazing part of the play is how after each plague a statue of the god the plague had mocked would shatter; after the frogs came , for instance, the fertility frog god statue crumbled.
There's so much  more I can say but I don't want to ramble or spoil the show; just go see it!

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