Thursday, January 23, 2014


Well, winter is in full swing, along with cold and snow that comes with it. I don't mind the snow it's the extreme cold that gets me.  Brrrrr, well no use complaining about it, but none the less, I'd like to go out and enjoy the snow without  freezing or worrying about my car not starting or my pipes freezing. 
But, all that being said, there are some advantages to the cold. Snuggling under blankets and watching a good movie, or reading a good book, lighting candles, baking cookies, hot chocolate!  Being so cold outside, give us all a good excuse to create as much warmth as possible. So, here's to being cozy.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I hadn't really thought about my New Year's Resolution  till while reading my devotional book, Jesus Calling. The author challenged the readers to whenever they feel like fretting and constantly praying for the same thing, to simply say, "I trust you, Jesus."
I don't know about you, but when I'm worried about anything I babble about it, to God, my friends, family, anyone.  And instead of feeling better, I worry even more.  So, now whenever I start panicking and worrying about anything, I try to follow the advise. "I trust you, Jesus."  I won't claim that I'm cured of worrying, but I do it much less, letting God handle it and trusting Him.  

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Memories!

With the winter already in full swing my niece and nephew may be getting restless for the days of warm outdoor play. So, what to do with all of the indoor hours they're kids are faced with? Crafts are always a good idea but I've been thinking about going the unique rout and combining craft time with game time by creating  photography studio?
My own camera will work perfectly for the actual picture taking and backdrops can be created by utilizing old sheets or even left over Christmas wrapping paper. I have a roll plain wrapping paper so I can let the kids  break out the makers  and create a scene of their choosing, could be space, or a fairy castle. If  I or their parents had extra furniture stored in the attic or basement the family can arrange the furniture for the photo shoots. We could  create a mock library, formal sitting room, or old fashioned nursery, depending on the type of props available. But, I will have to wait on that idea till one of us has that type of storage space.
We could simply decide on a room in the house that would best serve as the studio, such as the family room, dining room, or any room the family enjoys spending their time. The kids can create small props to use, such as gluing paper mustaches to sticks that can be held up for an instant transformation. You can also make paper crowns by simply drawing and then cutting out the basic shape and then taping in a circle to fit the desired family member’s heads. This would also be a good time to display school projects, such as drawings or even awards. I'll have to post pictures when we do this! Hopefully, next week.