Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hershey Park in the Dark

My fun filled Halloween weekend did not end with the Renaissance Faire! After saying goodbye to my three friends I drove to my other good friend's house for more adventures! That night we watched the season premier of  Dracula, but the next day we headed to Hershey Park!
Now, I haven't been to Hershey in about about sixteen years so I was pretty excited to be going back, particularity since the park and zoo were going to open till 9:00!
First , we visited Chocolate World, a fun little ride that takes you through the chocolate making process.  I have many fond memories of this place; for several years as kids, my family would make a yearly trip to Hershey for my mom to the muscular dystrophy doctor at the medical center. If my brother and I were good during mom's doctor visit, then we'd get to go to Chocolate World!

While some parts of the ride were new, it was amazing how much came back to me and at the end, they still give out free chocolate! After Chocolate World we headed to Hershey Park.   

After being greeted by the man behind the candy, thanks Milton, it was time to ride the rides, which were renamed in honor of Halloween. 
The Kissing Tower, Bats in the Belfry gave an excellent view of the park!

By day

and by night!

After riding some more rides, we headed to the park's zoo, Zoo America, which was open at night as well, so we made a second visit at night to see the wolves and other nocturnal creatures up and about. Including Big Foot! Really, he was running around the zoo, but sadly, it was at night so my pictures did not turn out.  

After the sun went down, the lights came out! Though while on one caster, they shut the lights off which was really awesome!  It gave the illusion that we'd snuck in after closing.

It was a wonderful time, riding the rides, eating fresh kettle corn popcorn, drinking hot chocolate, seeing wolves and otters, and spending time with one of my best friends!  

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