Friday, November 22, 2013

Doctor Who?

In honor of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary I hosted a little get together for my friends .  Being a relatively new fan I didn't have the action figures, the TARIS, the sonic screwdrivers I noticed other parties having online, so I stuck with the simple space theme. I found some neat starry spinners at Wal-Mart and a blue cake mix at Target! I was a bit apprehensive about playing around with food coloring so the mix seemed like a good idea.  The cake mix was Chef  Duff from the Ace of Cakes show and was very moist and yummy. I highly recommend it!

 My good friend Nicole made bow tie pasta, because bow ties are cool.  It was a great evening, sitting around, talking, watching Doctor Who.  The party made me think about how great stories, whether in books or on screens big or small should bring people together. Some people claim TV distracts people from other people, well then, you're not experiencing it properly. Watch your shows, enjoy them, talk others who enjoy them, and be inspired by them to live and enjoy a better life. I know Doctor Who has done that for me, because it's a wonderful story and I cannot wait for the next chapter to share with my good friends.

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