Thursday, October 17, 2013


Every year in October my church hosts a dinner, but not the usual kind inside the church building. No, this one is outside in the pavilion.  Isn't that chilly? You might ask, Well, yes, it is but that's why we have crock pot after crock pot of hot and tasty soup! From New England clam chowder, to vegan harvest root, to tortellini, to good old fashioned chicken noodle. If that doesn't warn you up there's coffee and hot apple cider, not to mention the enormous bonfire.
There's something about a bonfire that just draws me and it's simply the warmth, though that does help. It's the smell, the sound, the memories of S'mores, ghost stories, praise songs, Bible lessons, and just sitting in silence. Yes, a fire, camp or bon is something special. It creates memories, evokes comfort and excitement. 

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