Thursday, September 19, 2013

Geocaching Part Two

I tried my hand again at geocaching again, aided , actually led, by my good friend, Nicole.  I say led because she has the geocaching APP on her phone and knows how to use it. We set of for Na Aug Park in Scranton, where our first cache led us to the tree house.  To be honest, we were distracted by the graffiti inside.  

As Christians, we appreciated this. I was also impressed by the use of cursive! 
As Whovians, appreciated the following...

After getting back on track, we followed the APP though were having trouble with the map. It wasn't updating as we walked along, so knowing the area, we tried to follow the landmark themed clues which led us to the gorge.
I have no idea what this rusted frame used to belong to; any ideas?

Aside from the gorgeous , a little pun intended,  view, our trek yielded nothing. In fact, once the map updated, it seemed to take us away from the gorge and towards the playground. After searching around , we decided that either the cache had been stolen, we did not understand the clues, or the clues and directions were badly written.
So, we gave up and began a new search for a cache around the old, neglected zoo.

The map and clues led up to the old tiger enclosure. But alas, no cache was to be found.

We were getting hungry by this point so we went for pizza then continued our caching quest at the Cinnemark Theater, where two caches were said to be hidden. 

The clues and map led us to where the theater parking lot over looks PNC Field. Again, we did not find the cache, but we still had a wonderful time and are planning another, hopefully more successful search soon.

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