Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Only True Magic

Perhaps the reason fairy tales persist is because in mankind’s heart of hearts we know there really is power, love, and darkness in this world.  We have seen and experienced them all too much to deny them.  In light of this, perhaps Christians should rethink how they react to fairy tales, whether old or modern.  Instead of fighting against of such tales we should be pointing the readers to the only real magic this wretched world has. Magic is real, just not in the form many people perceive it. After all, what is God’s love, forgiveness, and very existence but magic, pure and simple?
Yes, the fall had distorted the image of magic into Satanism, Wicca, and others, but a good deal of fairy tales still resonate with their origins of a loving higher being who loves and saves us from His greatest enemy. Fairy tales, modern and ancient, have heroes who risk it all to save the world from evil, from King Arthur, to The Hobbit, to Harry Potter and Narnia.
The happily ever after is now and it never ends.

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