Friday, June 14, 2013

The Pool That Wasn't There and Empty Shelves

Lately, I've rediscovered an old love of mine , photos of abandoned buildings. There's something about their decaying lines and fading colors that's still beautiful to me, even if their a bit sad as well. Rather than thinking that all good things eventfully end, I like to think that even in the end beauty and memory remain and encourage us that God never leaves us completely without comfort and aid.

After looking and pining pictures of old and dormant hotels, churches, amusement parks, train stations, and theaters, it occurred to me that there a few places near me that I could legally explore, I don't particularity want a police record for trespassing. The first I decided to visit was the old swimming pool as the college I graduated from.  I should have realized that with all the expansions and campus improvements that the old fashioned, graffiti covered, spring fed pool would be gone. As you can see, they've chipped away all the cement and let nature reclaim the depression making a natural pond.

A little disappointed, my friend  suggested we take a look at the library, which like most of the campus has been renovated as well.

After commenting on the changes, notably the comfortable seating and the lack of shelving along the walls, we went downstairs to the lower level of the library. At first it didn't seem changed, until I realized that narrow halls like rooms in the back had  been emptied of most of the older reference books, or had been converted into  haphazard storage. I used to love going into those rooms, feeling as though I was hiding away with all the old books. It was ll very Hogwarts like. I have no idea what the college plans on doing with these neat old spaces, but they made for some very nice pictures.
periodicals sharing space with old tables and fans. 

Forgotten books
A closer look at the books 

I recall this librarian's portrait being prominently displayed, now it's in a closet.    

Card from the old card catalog left on the floor

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