Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Little Vacations

This year for Memorial Day my family and I went on a small trip first to the Tamaqua Railroad Station and then on to Cabela's an enormous hunting, camping, and outdoors store. Both made for a very nice day trip.  First, was the  Tamaqua Railroad

The station itself was closed. My brother who works nearby explained that it once housed a restaurant and a  gift shop, but both had closed up. However, he said a new restaurant would be opening soon, which is good news. I hate for these grand old buildings to sit dormant.
While the train cars that sat on the unused portions of track are in need of a fresh coat of paint, they were still fun to see and in my nephew and niece's case, climb on.

After eating lunch, we went on to Cabela's.  My sister law told me it had a mountain with stuffed goats right in the middle of the sales floor, but I was not expecting how huge the entire place would be! While it's primarily a store there are all sorts of taxidermist displays arranged in replicas of their natural habitat. It was like being in a frozen zoo or animal preserve. I had a very good time just looking around and sampling fudge in the small fudge shop, though if I ever wanted to go camping I'd love to go there to look at the tents and other accessories.  But for that day it was an inexpensive and unexpected little vacation.

Friday, May 10, 2013


This week I had my first experience with geocaching! Basically, it's very much like treasure hunting; geocaching websites give you directions and sometimes a description of what you're looking for and armed with a GPS or a similar APP , you set off to find it. My good friend Nicole has gone a few times with her boyfriend, so she was the leader. First, we went to a very easy cache at the Hoyt Library which contained   mostly children's' books. After taking one out, I put one in. That's the rule of geocachnig; replace what is in the cache so the next person has something to find.  The contents don't matter so much as finding them, thrill of the hunt and all that.

After that we went for some harder ones at Francis Slocum State Park. Unfortunately,  one must have been removed because we simply could not find it! Disappointed, but enjoying the exercise and scenery, we moved on the next cache in the park, only to have the GPS give out. Still, we got a decent walk out of it. 

Then, it was on the Back Mountain Trail, where after walking past the location, realizing our mistake and turning around, we found it!

After taking a plastic ring with a compass and leaving a  skeleton key, we went for ice cream at Hillside Farms.

 My first experience with geocaching was extremely fun and I definitely would go again.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Well, my first novel submission came back. Actually,  it didn't come back, just a rejection letter. Of course, I'm deeply disappointed, but I knew it was a possibility. I'm planning on rending it on to a agent with the next few weeks and have submitted a short story to the Writer's Digest contest. I'm also working on Steampunk novella.  So, I'm keeping up with my writing and praying for the best to come. After all, I have to write whether I am published or not, so I might was well enjoy it.