Wednesday, February 13, 2013


My first novel submission adventure continues! I found a suitable mailing box as well as an envelope should, the publisher see the need to return the manuscript to me. Right now I'm refining my cover letter. Since it's the first impression of my story I want it to be good. The challenge is explaining a fantasy novel in a unique and intriguing way. Fantasy is so popular right now so I know it will be difficult to make my novel stand out. I enlisted a good friend to edit my letter for me, something I highly recommend, particularly someone who has not read your book. Why? Because, they will let you know if you're deception makes them want to read the book. Also, fresh eyes are always useful. I also recommend finding sample letters for the basic form.  Fiction Forum   has some great advise and several sample  letters, I know this isn't going to be all sunshine and unicorns, but  I have faith  that Unseen and it's amazing people and places will be published and shared.

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