Monday, October 29, 2012

Season's End

Well, in the midst of this massive storm, the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire ended it's season. I am so glad they were able to properly end the season despite the storm, unlike last year where they had to close down entirely.  A friend of mine attended yesterday, the very last day and said they had a condensed schedule, but that enabled them have the final joust and finale in song. Very considerate of the faire!
I attended Saturday, with some friends who had never been. They were very excited to be there!

They decided they wanted to follow the story line, so we met up with some other friends of ours at Queen's Court, where she introduced the rivalry of  William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlow. 
Then we took in the shops before making our way to the next story line show, Human Chess.

Then we browsed some more of the lovely shops!

We also watched the Royal Falconer and his birds,  a wonderful show for any bird lover, or anyone for that matter. The falconer has a rare blend of knowledge and humor engaged an audience of any size.
We spent a great deal of time just taking in the sights an sounds of the faire without actually sitting down at a lot of shows other than the story line shows. I recommend this method to newcomers, just to a basic feel of what all the faire has to offer, though there are incredible performers at the faire!
The lovely ladies of the group,  from left to right, Mary, Nicole, Sabrina, and I

Chris with a "baby dragon" 

Chris and Tim at the local forge  

Nicole chose a Steamounk type of costume.

Farewell good peoples, till next season!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Abington Park

I was in the Clarks summit area a few days ago and after grabbing some delectable Starbucks pumpkin latte I took a little adventure in the Abington Area Community Park. It's a lovely place particularly this time of year, with the crisp air stirring the leaves, wafting that burnt, autumnal smell over the place. I love this time of year, it's like a pretty respite of color before the grey of a snow less winter, a promise of beauty even the midst of death, that even in nature God shows us that death is only branching out into His next plan of us.

There is nothing like a hot drink on a chilly day!


Where will my next adventure be?

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Like many other women I have fallen into the black hole of recipes, crafts, and goodness knows what else, known as Pinterest. I even have a wedding board and am single, very single. Well, to justify my hours of pinning I thought it would be wonderful idea to actually try some of my pins! I've only made a few attempts, but have had good results. While not exactly like the pin, they're not worthy of the blog Pintrosity, which if you don't know is where a woman chronicles failed attempts. Very funny stuff, too.
But, as I said my attempts were not half bad. First I tried this :

Apple Stuffed Chicken Breast
 Now, I don't normally cook; I bake. So, when the recipe did not specify think cut chicken breasts I did not realize that flattening a regular one thin enough to roll would prove difficult. The meat almost slid out from the wax paper unto the floor. That's when I decided to alter the recipe and make a sort of casserole. Instead of rolling the meat around the apples, I spread them over the tops. Then it was time to make the gravy, but all the natural juices from the chicken ,apples, and wine that were supposed to form the base of the gravy cooked away. Next time, I may try chicken stock, as someone on the website All Recipes. com suggested, which is where I found the recipe. It still tasted pretty good, just didn't look as pretty as the picture, but then, what does?  
To accompany the apple chicken I made this :
A flowering tea

Now that's the Pinterst version. I found a glass pot and three tea blossom for around $10.00. The pot is not entirely glass which is why it was so cheap. The blossom however, did not taste cheap at all. Here is mine,
All in all, not too bad, I'd say.