Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Faire Kids

I had a wonderful time at one of my favorite places this past weekend, you guessed it, the Pennsylvania Renaissance  Faire.  Even though I've been numrouse other times, this was the first time I took kids. My five year old nephew and my three old niece went along. Even though my nephew changed his mind last minute aobut the pyrate costume I'd made him and my neice had a few crying fits, all in all, they had a great day. I had printed the schedule of the website before hand and had highlighted some children's shows, but I leanred to moslty go with the flow, what we walked up to, what they wanted to do. My dad took over watching them a few times while I met up wtih some freinds, and he did the same thing. It seemed to go fairly smoothly. Yes, I wished they'd interacted more wtih the cast, yes, I wish we'd done more shows and activites, but over all I'm jsut pleased they had a new and fun experiance. They both asked to go back and I couldn't be happier.

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