Thursday, September 6, 2012

Faire Game

By Emily Culley, Abington Journal Correspondent
Sep 5

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, located about two and half hours away from the Scranton area, in the town of Manheim, is a recreation of 16th century villages or shires as they are called in England, complete with shops, gardens, stage areas and eateries. The jousting arena is complete with horses racing, lances colliding and the roars of the crowd, cheering their knight on to victory.

The Faire continues every Saturday and Sunday through Oct. 28. Each weekend has a theme with entertainment and activities to match, such as a treasure hunt for the Pirate Invasion weekend, Sept. 15-17 and costume contests for the Halloween Daze and Spooky Knights weekends, the last three weekends of October. New this season is the Time Travelers weekend, Aug. 11- 12, which gives fans of Steampunk and science fiction a chance to showcase costumes. Most of the roads and paths are paved and handicapped accessible throughout, forsaking historical accuracy to include all visitors in wheelchairs or strollers.

The Faire is home to 13 open air stages showcasing 70 concerts, including a performance of William Shakespeare’s play, “Henry V” on a replica of his Globe Theater, as well as acrobats, and musicians. Throughout the faire are glassblowing and sword smith demonstrations, as well as a 40 foot by 40 foot chess board where the game is played with people rather than game pieces. Children can take a turn on the Quintaine, a wooden jousting horse sliding down a cable with a lance. There are also man-powered rides and a fencing game known as the Fight Circle.
Admission for adults is $29.95 at the gate and $25.95 online, children’s admission is $10.95 at the gate and online. Groups of 15 or more are admitted for $ 19.95. More information regarding prices, vendors, themes, and performers can be found at

I finaly got an article about the Ren Faire in print!

Photo is from the faire's press release on their web site.

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