Saturday, September 15, 2012

Claws N Paws

Even though some people are horrified with the concept of zoos, I've decided I don't mind them so much as long as the animal's enclosure look and feel like their natural habitat and are well fed and cared for. That being said, last month, my father and I took me nephew and niece to Claws N Paws. I had gone several years ago for elementary school field trips, but hadn't been back since then. I still enjoyed it, though if I was zoo going with other adults, I may pick a larger one, just because this one is geared more toward children. However, since the trip was all about my five year old nephew and my two year old niece, it was perfect!

My dad and I thought it was a bit hard to find, as the entrance is on a very, very rural road and the sign is rather old and hidden by some overgrown trees. The zoo is out in the woods, which provides a nice setting as most of the zoo is shaded by the trees. The ground is not paved which gives the place a very natural feel, but could pose some challenges to wheelchair or stroller wheels. Still, I think it would be doable, you would just have to take the bumps slow.
There's a variety of animals there, from "woodsy" type animals  such as bears,

Or my personel favorite, wolves
to the more exotic .
There was also a farm themed section with a petting zoo.
Next to the farm was Turtle Town where you can feed and pet the turtles.
There was also a neat section about dinos where kids could uncover fake dino bones and put together gaint puzzles of their skeletons.
I had a really great time and recomend it to any family, there's plenty to do and the staff is very freindly and knowledable.

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