Saturday, July 28, 2012

All Done!

I glued the tea cup and saucer top on before meeting up with a friend to see Brave, which was awesome by the way. Now I just need to cover up the marker stains and decide what to do with it.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Cake Stands and Parcels

I'm in between jobs right now, yes, I've quit my new job to begin another even new (er) job, which I'm excited about. With all the time off though, I've decided to work on some projects I've been neglecting.  So today I tackled the china cake stand I've been planning on making for quite some time. I got the idea from the Everything Alice craft book and have had the tea cups and glue for a while, but needed the plates and glasses that served as connector pieces.
I'm working with an Elmer's ceramic glue, which is very runny, but wipes off easily when it dribbles in the wrong places. I also used a washable Crayola marker to mark where I wished to glue but found that when the glue covered the maker it cemented the colour in place, so I need come up with a way to cover that up. The only problem I had with the glue is that the tea cup did not adhere to the saucer as well as the glass and candlestick did so I'm letting that sit over night.
After partially assembling the cake stand, I took my umbrella and checked the mail to find a parcel from my favorite aunt! Inside were some rice crispy treats and this little guy! M birthday is coming up and she's been sending me little things like gift cards and such. I know as I near 30 I'm supposed to dislike birthdays, but I still love them!

I thought the package looked like something Mrs. Weasly would send (Harry Potter fans understand)

Friday, July 20, 2012


The best ice cream ever!
Yesterday I went on a little adventure with my family to one of my most favorite places, Knoebels Amusement Resort. This amusement park, nestled in the woods of Elysburg PA manages to be both timeless and innovative. I've been going there every since I was about 5 years old and most of the park is exactly the same as I remember. The school I attended made it a tradition to take us there every last day of school so I have a great deal of fond memories that unfold around every corner of the park, every turn of the Haunted House car , and every bite of my chicken Parmesan, which Nicole, is now served at the World's Food Court, rather than the Wharf.
And yet, there's new rides to discover as well. Fandango, which I haven't worked up the courage to ride, Black Diamond, an indoor dark ride through a haunted coal mine, and of course, the much anticipated, still in the works, Flying Turns wooden coaster. Knoebels is like going home, a class reunion, and a new experience every single time I visit.
my sister in law and niece
Flying Turns
my nephew playing a target game, which has been there since I was about his age

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

North By Northwest

I love classic moves. I love the clothes, the wit of the scripts and I especially love old mystery and suspense movies. Which is why my friend, Nicole was pretty surprised when I admitted to having never seen the Hitchcock film, North by Nothwest, staring Carey Grant. Our local movie theater had a special screening of it tonight so, we we were excited to go, she because she had already seen and liked the movie, and me because I'm open to seeing any Hitchcock movie.
We were a bit surprised how crowded the theater was; it's nice to NEPA has a good quantity of classic film buffs. The movie itself was wonderful; Mr. Grant's casual,classy wit is just so amazing to watch and hear. I just love his voice!   The cinematography was pretty awesome as well, the exterior shots of the train, the shot from above the UN building. It was also such a nice experience seeing a classic movie in a theater with a good sized group. After all theses years, we all still laughed at the jokes, gasped a bit at the plane chase scene; I was NOT expecting an explosion! And when the credits rolled, we all clapped for a performance that stays incredible no matter how much time has passed. There's something unifying about the theater; you're all strangers, but you're sharing in a common experience.  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Call the SWAT team!

Yesterday I attended the Clarks Green Health and Saftey Fair. I was mainly there to take picture for the newspaper, but after hearing about it's planning for so long was rather curious. This even was how I got to meet the police dog, Nemo I had posted about earlier.
The fair was actually kind of fun. My favorite part was seeing the local SWAT armored vehicles and hearing about the different kinds of gear and weapons the teams use.
  I also met some nice ladies from the Western PA School for the deaf and had my hearing tested. I have normal hearing I was told, so I suppose any problems are with selective hearing.

I think if anyone's community has one of these, it's a good idea to go. especially if you have kids as there's usually information about bike and fire safety. It also give you an idea about what's going in your community, police aide, safety issues, and it gives you a chance to meet people who live, work , and serve your area.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Cinderella, role model

I know there's been a lot of negative comments about Disney Princesses lately. Apparently,  they teach modern girls to be lowly dreamers who base their femininity on wearing frilly dresses, attending tea parties, and snagging the handsome prince.  I could point out how Mulan went to war to spare her elderly father, how Belle improved her mind though books and went to save the Beast, or how Tiana was a business woman, but I just want to focus on Cinderella.
Yes, Cinderella, the blond chick in the puffy blue dress who hung out with mice and wore the impractical glass slippers. So, why do I think she's to be emulated? 
Well, think of her position, evil step mom, nasty step sisters, not to mention the emotional abuse of having to be a servant aka slave in her own home.  And yet, she's still happy; she chooses to end the cycle of abuse and befriend those more vulnerable than she. Those who study child psychology know that she very well could have ended up kicking Gus Gus instead of making cute little outfits and feeding him and the other mice.
Also, somehow, despite sewing for and talking to, and naming the animals, she's still realistic. She doesn't rant and moan about how hard and unfair her life is, but she does at times lament her life, calling the early morning clock chime, a killjoy, and sighing softly when her "family" piles work upon work on her. ( Can I go so far as to say that her step family are all , gasp B capped witches? Seriously, the cops and shrink from SVU would have arrested them, I think)
And finally, Cinderella makes the choice to change her life. She could have given up when her step sister destroyed the dress she and the animals made, she could have told her fairy godmother, "Thanks, but fairy tales just don't work out for me. My life sucks and there's not a thing anyone can do bout it." But she didn't , she chose to take the carriage to the palace, she chose to accept the prince's invitation to dance.  Even after she's locked in her room, she orchestrates her animal's friend's efforts to rescue her and runs downstairs with her glass slipper, ready to change her life forever.
Princess, a bad influence? Yeah, because Snooki and the Kardashions are doing such a fine job for feminism.