Monday, June 4, 2012

Nemo, Crime Fighter

As part of my job writing for a local newspaper, I get to meet a variety interesting people. Today, I met two police officer who will be taking part in a Health and Saftey Fair next month. Officer Waters and his partner, Nemo, a three year old German Shepherd were very friendly, especially Nemo who seemed to want to cuddle more than I though possible for a K9 officer, though Waters suggested it was my cat's lingering scent that attracted him.
Nemo was brought to the States from his homeland of Slovakia, understanding English, German, and Slovak.  Though trained to hunt down suspects, drugs, and missing persons, Nemo interprets all of this as "play time" While talking to Waters and the even organizers, Nemo ran happily around the room, sniffing corners and bags. He's used to sniffing out drugs upon entering any room, anticipating the reward that comes from a successful search.
I enjoyed talking to Waters and petting Nemo, who seemed to love my attention. He even curled up next to me and rolled over for me to rub his belly. Despite his affections, I could tell how strong he was when he placed his paw on my knee, or rubbed against my legs. When he yawned, I noticed how powerful his jaws were and how long and sharp his teeth were. Were I harboring heroin, I would not want this four legged cop after me. It takes all types to make any community safe.

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