Friday, June 29, 2012

Tea : Magic in a Cup

There's a tea room in my area called Sugar's Tearoom. It was my first experience with tearooms and I fell completely in love with the whole concept, the tea, the scones, the dainty cups, the colorful hats, the brightly decorated rooms, but above all the sense of peaceful relaxation that came just by slowing down long enough to let someone serve you tiny sandwiches and brew you a pot of tea.  Is it any wonder I daydream about opening my own tea room and giving others the same experience?
I love Sugar's so much that two years a go I wrote an article about it and submitted it to the paper I work for. Sadly, it was considered too far out of the readership area, but my editor was quite kind in suggesting another paper to submit it. However, they did not have the space. So, I finally decided to spice up the article and go through a list of possible interested parties.  I worked up the courage and asked the owner for an interview which she graciously agreed to.   
It was the best interview I have ever done in my five years of journalism. We met at Sugar's, had Georgia Peach tea and scones while she shared her story with me. Her advice to anyone teetering on the edge of going into business for themselves was, "Just do it. Don't be afraid, it's not as scary as you think it will be."  
While there I bought this neat little device that keeps the tea pot lid on while pouring!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thinking, a dangerous past time, I know

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life, maybe because I've realized how close to thirty I'm becoming. At first, I'll admit, I panicked. How can I almost thirty! I still live at home; I'm single! The literary world has not realized that I'm the next  J. K. Rowling and Agatha Christie rolled into one awesome author! I don't have kids! I don't even have my own pet!
Then I realized, with the help of the book On Becoming Fearless  by Arianna Huffington that thirty isn't all that old, and even if it was, it wouldn't matter. I can still accomplish plenty. I have a writing project that could potentially turn out very well. I can't say much more as it's not my own; I'm helping an author adapt his book into a script. I'm also looking over a fantasy novel to send it off to a publisher and  I have a Steampunk novella I may  self publish as an e-book. And I think I want to open a store, something like a cross between an antiques store and thrift store. A nice little place where one can buy whimsical, shabby chic decor without the high prices usually attached to such items. Till then, I may set up an Etsy shop, if my experiments with making cake stands from old china works out.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


After years of longing after one I finally got a tattoo last week. Having grown up in a conservative Christian home, church, and school, I was well aware of the stigma attached to permanent body art. A good friend of mine, when getting her tattoo actually researched the verse in scripture that many use to oppose tattoos.(Which reminds me to look the verse up as I  can't recall the reference). She found that it was referring to ritual cutting used by pagans, not tattoos.
 Having no convictions about getting a tattoo, only a mild fear of the pain, I decided to treat myself.  Acting on my sister in law's advice I chose a design that meaningful, not trendy.  As, I've mentioned before, my mother passed away two years ago, so I chose a sewing symbol, not just to represent her seamstress skills, but to represent how in many ways, God used her to stitch me together and how He continues to aide me everyday. I may not feel as though I have it all together, but God does.    

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Everhart and Nay Aug

Do ever play the tourist in your hometown? You know, visit the museums, parks, and historical sites you see ever day but never visit because you have to get to work, or pick the kids up from daycare? It's actauly very fun not to mention educational do so! I try to do it when I can, mostly revisiting places I was taken to as child on school field trips. It helps me understand my area better, seeing it's highlights as well as it's flaws.
 A few days ago, a friend and I paid a visit to the Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science & Art in Scranton. It's a nice little museum, giving not so much local history, as a smattering of the mentioned items from it's title.  The surrounding park, Nay Aug is a fun visit as well. Lovely walking trails, playgrounds, even a tree house. The zoo is long closed and sadly the building sits looking like a set from a apocalyptic zombie flick, peeling paint, boarded windows, broken statues. Too bad, the city hasn't found a use for it since you walk past it to get to the playground. Still, it's a good visit.
me by the reflecting pond by the entrance
Nicole by the pond

The tree house!

Entrance to the tree house

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Garden Party

I hosted my first garden party yesterday and while I definitely found some areas for improvement, I think, and my guests assured me that the affair went very well. Because it was my first outdoor party and because I was also watching my niece and nephew I kept the food and the decorations simple.  I didn't want to be stressed and overwhelmed and therefore be a terrible hostess.

I made chicken salad sandwiches and blueberry scones. Scones are so yummy and so easy, also how do you have a tea party without them?  I made a food table from a pile of logs that were already in my yard and flat board covered with an old table cloth of my grandmothers. I suggest nice, but old tablecloths just because of being outside.

I made strawberry cupcakes from a mix and also used premade icing. I can make both from scratch, but for this occasion mixes were simply the best choice. I did cut the strawberries myself though! My niece enjoyed them as well as the peach iced tea! I had a subtle fruit theme going on to compliment the summer season.

For the main table I used a simply folding table, it's not like anyone could see it under the cloth, though an actual table would look lovely next time! 
Tea Pot light I ordered from Mod Cloth. com.

Empty DRY soda bottles I hung with twine. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fairy Garden

Since I got a rather late start, thanks abundant spring rain, my fairy garden isn't exactly how I planned it.  However, I chose not abandon the project in favor of just altering it because I do tend to neglect entirely when I feel challenged by them. So, the garden was a exercise in going ahead and adapting.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Nemo, Crime Fighter

As part of my job writing for a local newspaper, I get to meet a variety interesting people. Today, I met two police officer who will be taking part in a Health and Saftey Fair next month. Officer Waters and his partner, Nemo, a three year old German Shepherd were very friendly, especially Nemo who seemed to want to cuddle more than I though possible for a K9 officer, though Waters suggested it was my cat's lingering scent that attracted him.
Nemo was brought to the States from his homeland of Slovakia, understanding English, German, and Slovak.  Though trained to hunt down suspects, drugs, and missing persons, Nemo interprets all of this as "play time" While talking to Waters and the even organizers, Nemo ran happily around the room, sniffing corners and bags. He's used to sniffing out drugs upon entering any room, anticipating the reward that comes from a successful search.
I enjoyed talking to Waters and petting Nemo, who seemed to love my attention. He even curled up next to me and rolled over for me to rub his belly. Despite his affections, I could tell how strong he was when he placed his paw on my knee, or rubbed against my legs. When he yawned, I noticed how powerful his jaws were and how long and sharp his teeth were. Were I harboring heroin, I would not want this four legged cop after me. It takes all types to make any community safe.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fairy House

I painted my fairy house for my fairy garden! Though my nephew insisted I paint it blue and red. I think I'll get him a little house so he can paint it the way he wants. I'm having fun with this little garden. I just need some other little things to add, like maybe doll furniture and some summertime plants.

Friday, June 1, 2012

I don't know what I want, but I'm on the watch for it.

It's difficult and interesting nearing thirty years of age and still being unsure what you want to do with your life. I still want to write and seek publication, but I have a nagging feeling that the Lord wants me to something else along with the writing.  I've looked into getting my teaching certification, but that simply did not feel right.
I've been looking into going into museum studies, which looks like in many cases I would need to go back and get a history degree and then transfer into a museum studies. It'll be a lot of work, but if that's what I'm supposed to do then I'm willing to do it.
I also have had a longing to open a tea room/ bar for a long time now, but my recent foray into food service has put a bit of a damper on it, though I realize a tea room is much slower pace than a cafe/ deli like I'm working at now.
I think my biggest problem is not knowing what I want or am supposed to do. Don't most people at least have it halfway figured out by now? I just need to learn to trust God through this process and know that when the moment is right He'll let me know what I should be leaning towards.