Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Forgetting Fall

I work for a large retail chain and was asked yesterday to help assemble and decorate two Christmas trees for the store. I love Christmas but my first thought was, "Already?" I haven't even hosted my annual Halloween party yet! Fall is short enough and we jump through it to get to winter, Halloween is rushed through and poor Thanksgiving is nearly forgotten.  How on earth can we fully enjoy each holiday if we are constantly looking ahead to the holiday after?
I know this topic is not by any means a new one, but really, can we please celebrate one holiday at a time, please?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Children at Play

A few days ago my father and I took my niece and nephew to a playground. It was one of the largest I'd ever been to so the little guys certainly were enthralled by it's bright colors, slides, swings, and climbing apparatus. While there I noticed something about the parents of other children. They didn't seem to want to talk to anyone other then their kids or other adults they knew. One little boy was wearing Bobba Fet shoes and I commented to his dad how awesome they were. He ignored me. Why the rudeness? Is it paranoia? It's not as though I spoke to the child. I've noticed this behavior before with some parents. What's up with it?
It was still a wonderful time though. We will have to return.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Reunion

My school reunion was this past weekend. Aside from the extremely chilly weather it was a beautiful day, grey sky, bright leaves, perfectly autumn. The reunion itself went very well, good conversations. I just wished I would have worn a sweater as it was very, very cold! Rickets Glenn is a lovley state park!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PA Renaissance Faire

This Saturday I got to go to one of my most favorite places in probably the whole world, the PA Renaissance Faire. I just love the sights , sounds, and scents of the place, the colures, the bagpipes and violins, cheers of the joust. the roasted meat and incence. Such a wonderful place to go and have a wonderful time!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Strange Find

I came across this delightful doll at a local antique mall and flea market. I'm not one to be afraid of dolls so I was drawn to her gorgeous dress. Of course once I picked her up, her eerie blue, blinking eyes unsettled me a bit, as did her askew wig. If I was filming a horror movie she would certainly be one of the props and yet there is something so pretty about her too. Perhaps it's the faded beauty that is so eerie, a reminder that no matter how lovey something is, it will fade in all but memory.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

First post

 I suppose the title is a bit unnecessary; clearly it's the first post, but that's what I came up. Here on this blog I hope to document my life, taken from the past and interwoven with myth, fantasy and dreams for the future. What's ahead only God know, but I have some hopes.

I have my one ideas as well, ideas on fashion, travel, a woman's place in the world. I hope any reader who finds this is inspired to live as God plans, not as others tell them.